Lodge Owners With Synthetic Grass Courts: Ways of Preventing Permanent Damage

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People in the recreation industry need something that will set them apart from others in the market. If you own a recreational facility, such as a lodge, playing courts are a good thing to have. They add variety to the activities your customers may be willing to take part in during their stay. They are also a brilliant idea in this era where most people struggle to keep fit. Certainly, you can rely on synthetic grass for quality, durable and wear-resistant playing courts. However, this does mean that the lawn will be resistant to permanent damage. Ask your customers to refrain from the following things if you want to keep your lawn in good condition:

Barbecuing Over the Synthetic Turf

When manufacturers make synthetic grasses, they consider the risk posed by fire outbreaks. Good manufacturers put their synthetic grasses through a series of flammability and fire resistance tests before selling them to you. However, heat and loose briquettes from a barbecue can land on your synthetic grass and melt the fibres. This will deform the grass fibres or leave dark, ugly scars. Make sure you have visible warning signs against barbecuing on the artificial lawn for residents who may be thinking of barbecuing while playing on the synthetic grass tennis courts.

Throwing Burning Cigarette Bits on the Synthetic Grass

Ordinarily, cigarettes are dangerous because the hot, remnant bits can ignite the surrounding and cause a big fire. This is not the case with fire retardant synthetic grass. The fire will not spread, but the area in contact with the burning cigarette bit or ash tends to melt and deform permanently. Making the area a "no smoking" zone will go a long way in protecting the synthetic grass turf. 

Parking Vehicles on the Synthetic Grass Turf

If your guests must use vehicles to access the playing court within your facility, make sure that you have dedicated parking sections for them. They should not park their vehicles on any part of the synthetic lawn. Contact between the synthetic fibres and rubber tyres damages the latex support that keeps the synthetic fibres in their place. Once the vehicle moves, it will dislodge the fibres or tear the whole section away. To add on that, oil drips from any part of the vehicle will discolour the grass and ruin its outward appeal. You should secure the area with a suitable fence to prevent any vehicle access. Just leave enough room for people to access the playing area. 


19 October 2018

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