Outboard Motor: 4 Practical Tips for Managing Common Marine Boat Problems

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Outboard motors are quite reliable and durable, and they provide exceptional recreational value for boat enthusiasts. However, these units are not infallible and can malfunction due to mechanical and electrical problems. If the motor fails while you are out on the water, you could be exposed to danger. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your boat and resolve potential problems immediately to avoid unfortunate situations. Here are some simple fixes for common outboard motor problems.

1. Replace the Spark Plugs

You should plan on replacing the spark plugs in your boat if your engine is not starting. In most cases, this problem is not complex and can be resolved by installing new spark plugs. If the plugs are in poor condition, you will not only notice difficulties in starting. There might also be an increase in fuel consumption, and the engine might rev slowly. If these signs are present in your boat, you can take out the spark plugs and check them with a tester. The results will help you determine if it is time for a replacement.

2. Check for Fuel Leaks

It is advisable to check your boat for leaks regularly. Under ideal circumstances, this inspection should be done before and after each boating adventure. Often, fuel leaks occur around the connections in the systems. Poor quality fittings will degrade in water, causing fuel to seep out of the lines. In other cases, the problem will occur due to old age and accidents. If your engine is starved of fuel or a leak is apparent, you will need to replace the fittings and the lines if necessary.

3. Consider Battery Problems

Your outboard motor needs electrical power for function. Therefore, if you are having problems with your engine, you should check on the battery. A dead battery will not allow your motor to start. If you have not replaced your battery for a long time or it has been showing signs of old age, you might need to purchase a new one to restore your boat. You should also check the electrical connections to ensure that they are in place.

4. Lubricate Moving Parts

Finally, you should lubricate the different moving parts in your outboard motor. Your boat could be performing poorly due to the sticking of parts when in operation. If you clean the parts and use a light coating of appropriate grease, you will restore peak performance. For instance, components such as the shift mechanism, valves and pivots will benefit from a layer of silicone lubricant. 

For more information and assistance, contact your local marine services today. 


17 November 2018

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