Why Choose an Off-Road Caravan Over a Camper Trailer?

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If you want to get out and see the best Australia has to offer during a long-term road trip, it's a great idea to take your accommodation with you. Instead of being forced to book hotels and stop off when you don't need to, you'll be able to bring home comforts along and even stay in some of the nation's most stunning national parks.

When you're looking for on-the-go accommodation, you might end up having to choose between an off-road caravan and a camper trailer. An off-road caravan takes the familiar concept and upgrades it for backcountry use. In contrast, a camper trailer folds down into a small package – it's much like an upgraded tent.

Here are just a few reasons why caravans make a better choice for long-distance road trips.

More Space 

When you're only going to be gone for a week or two, having plenty of space isn't such a big deal. If you'll be out for quite some time, you really need that space to move around, and that's exactly what a caravan offers. You can move around it without having to crouch, and you can bring in other people to have a drink or a meal. Perhaps more importantly, caravans provide a lot more storage space than camper trailers, so you won't have to cut down on the essentials.

The Feel of Home

When you're taking a long-term trip, you want a home away from home. A caravan's spacious dimensions are part of what creates that sense of hominess, but it isn't the only thing. Everything will be laid out just as it is in a stationary residence, and the space will essentially feel like a room in your home. In contrast, camper trailers feel more restrictive, and most amenities, including the kitchen, will fold out instead of being ready to go.

No Setup Time

Probably the major downside of a camper trailer compared to a caravan is just how long they take to set up. You'll commonly need to wind up the roof, fold out the frame, pull out all the amenities and peg down any tent material that projects from the trailer. That might be okay at first, but it soon becomes exhausting after a long drive or when the weather isn't great outside. In contrast, a caravan is always set up. You simply pull over, get out of your car and then enter the caravan to relax in the evening.


24 November 2018

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